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Inglés en Irlanda – English in Ireland

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Inglés en Irlanda – English in Ireland

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As each group finished its two week programme, students completed a written evaluation. This provides us with valuable feedback which we use to improve the programme each year. Here is an assortment of student comments.
“I think this has been the best English course of my life; I have been to courses in London, Scotland and Malta”.
“I loved watching the film Monster’s inc and being able to understand it in English.”
Doing blogs is a very good idea. It helped me use the computer menus in English and improved my writing skills”.
“In this two weeks I had a lot of fun in Ireland and I want to return next year. School is very good and my English has improved a lot”
“The English teachers are fantastic!”
“Thanks for this opportunity. I love you!!!”
“Writing blogs is so coooool!”
I loved the treasure hunt to Waterford city. We learned to read signs and we got to talk to real Irish people”.
“The best thing for me was the treasure hunt. It helped me for situations which happen during other holidays , for example asking for information from people.”
“I want to say that this thing has been beautiful and I want to come back”
“ The programme is very well organised and the teaching is brilliant”.
“I love singing funny Irish songs”
“I enjoyed speaking English and learning new vocabulary. This course has helped me very much”.
“ I can’t believe we read a novel in English.!I did not know the author of Dracula was Irish. I loved it”.
“It was so much fun. I loved modern fairy tales – we laughed a lot”.
“I loved the logical games we played. We had to talk and think in English. I want **** to be my teacher in Rome!”


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