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Podcasting is a new medium in the grand scheme of all things media, but it is unique in the effect it has on its listeners. The podcast consumer starts to invest interest in the business and grows as that business grows. The listener cheers with you as you share each success and will support you in your failures. As a means of marketing a business, this is worth millions and with just a little time and energy that small business can generate a following that will leave their competition behind, scratching their heads.

One of the great things about being able to speak your content is that you aren’t constrained by the written word. You are presenting information exactly like you would if you were face to face with someone, and your audience receives it in the same manner. This means your audience can now hear the intonation and inflection of voice that often give certain meaning to certain words and that can be so difficult to convey in writing. Having these auditory clues can make your content easier to understand and process. Plus, for many people, hearing information is a more effective way to learn.



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Go to the profile of On Air Ediciones … On Air Ediciones es un proyecto de desarrollo tecnológico para la difusión de contenidos especialmente en el área del

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Nuestro corazón late. Estamos vivos, pasión, emoción y sensibilidad para comunicar. Pir de Asso Ediciones es la marca con la que realizo trabajos de difusión …

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On Air Ediciones publica de forma digital contenidos de artes, letras y ciencias.

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Desarrollamos contenidos especializados, temas técnicos, profesionales. Todo con un enfoque de marketing digital, buscando el mejor desarrollo a medida …