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Turnkey Solution


The performance format is that of Seminars or Workshops

a- Country Reports

a.1.- Spain Main Figures – seminar –

a.2.- Business culture in Spain – workshop –

a.3.- Use spanish resources – ICEX – Cámaras de Comercio – Regional Official  Forums – workshop –

b – Social Media Tool

b.1.- Podcasting and Audio report for business -workshop –

b.2.- What do not do it in social media in a business? – seminar –

c – Productivity

c.1.- CRM techniques vs ASANA crm – workshop –

c.2.- Mobility technology to improve work and getting best achievements

d – Business in Spain

d.1.- Hablamos de negocios en español – Talk about spanish business in spanish -workshop –


1st.-The Seminars and Workshops are also open to individuals and companies at a cost per person per seminar. All are leading at seven hours in a complete day or from Friday afternoon to  Saturday  morning.

2nd.-The topics to carry out consultancy will be after a interview to get basic business’s information.

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