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Partner from 2008

GeoXfere recognise that readily accessible information and the dissemination of this information throughout the organisation is critical for the proper functioning and optimisation of available resources within the operations departments of companies with mobile workforces and mobile assets. GeoXfere brings the control and access of the office to members of the mobile workforce e.g. drivers, field engineers, sales people etc.

Enabling your work force to have anytime, anywhere access to vital information in real-time with all the operational efficiencies and control of an office environment without the need to being restricted to one physical location.

GeoXfere has transformed this vision into reality. GeoXfere solutions are based on platform independent software that can be run on any device, PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and that use the communication medium of the latest transmission technologies (GSM/GPRS) to transfer and update data and information.

The mobile workforce can be contacted 24 x 7 and likewise they have real-time access to the latest delivery information, inventory levels, pricing, manifests, order information, customer data.The mobile work force can also update in real-time in-house order and delivery management systems with new orders, proof of deliveries, signed work orders and receipt/delivery confirmation.

GeoXfere has implemented real-time messaging and chat solutions that enable office personnel to communicate cost efficiently and effectively with the mobile workforce, an example of this is where our instant messaging application can be used to inform drivers of new deliveries and for the driver to confirm acknowledgement, this negates the need to constantly ring the driver and inform of updates. This reduces telecom costs substantially.

The benefits of GeoXfere’s Solutions are:

24 hours secure online access to all relevant in-house systems and applications (e-mail, delivery information, prices, order information etc).
Access to web enabled mapping software that displays visually on a map the location and status of all company vehicles.
Orders can be updated in real-time, negating the need for manual order entry and delay in delivery.
Delivery confirmation (POD’s) can be electronically signed and updated to accounting and delivery systems in real-time, reducing significantly the order-delivery-payment cycle.
Greater control and access to all documents.
Many users can access the system simultaneously and all changes and updates are done instantaneously through the real-time notification and synchronisation capability of GeoXfere’s solutions.
All data is backed up as often as is required, ensuring no loss of critical operation essential data.
Significant cost savings and productivity improvements can be made by the improved mobility of workforce and utilisation of mobile assets.
Improved customer responsiveness.
Bridging gap between office and mobile workforce.
Extending operational efficiencies of office to the mobile workplace.
Access can be restricted to the specific access privileges of the user.

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