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We offer consulting in two fields: Technology and Spain. In technology we help with mobility, CRM and critical management processes. Project management is our greatest experience. Where technology is concerned, the Spanish market and Spanish approach brings your company closer with analysis, courses and teaching.


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Time is up! Need to change? This is our strongest point, change it!

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Website is the marketplace. Working to gain more knowledge about your market. Turn-key solutions for your company.

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Reading a report from a country is not always clear. We can read it together and clarify information. At sea you need to stay afloat, and your company does too.

Simple is not easy

Social media is a means of communication, but when thinking about your market the best is always Think-and-Do. Does the same apply for your company?


CRM+BMP = Income and profit via technology and Spanish.

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Any further information can help us in our first meeting. Our expertise is our business you can get it!

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References in other wedsites to show our work in the last five years. Stockmarket, coffee industry and podcasting sharing tecnology.

PorE. J. Asso Feb 4, 2019

Nuestro canal para empresa

Tras casi cinco años realizando actividad de soporte en la comunicación de una empresa de consumo, mediante audio y vídeo, damos un paso impor

PorE. J. Asso Abr 23, 2018

Calidad en el servicio en punto de venta

Es importante lograr que los clientes, en los negocios de consumo, estén atendidos y quedar totalmente satisfechos con la compra realizada. Ana